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How to install Memcache and Memcached on WHM/cPanel

Without wasting much time, Let us get started!

Follow these simple instructions to install Memcache and Memcached:

Step 1: Login into your WHM panel and using easyapache enable Memcache (you must recompile apache)

Step 2: SSH into your server and fire this command:
yum install memcached.x86_64 php-pecl-memcache.x86_64

Step 3: Go to Software -> Module Installers -> PHP Pecl, Search for memcache and then install both memcache & memcached

Step 4: Restart apache once, Fire: service httpd restart

Step 5: Start memcache by firing this command: memcached -d -m 512 -l -p 11211 -u nobody
(d = daemon, m = memory, u = user, l = IP to listen to, p = port)

Step 6: Check your memcached server is running successfully: ps -eaf | grep memcached

All Done! If everything goes good, You should now be able to use memcached within your application.

Enjoy Caching!

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