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Disable SSH from WHM

You can disable SSH by doing this:

1: Log in to your WHM

2: Under "Security Center" click on "Host Access Control"

3: On "Daemon" type: sshd

4: On "Access List" type: ALL or ALL except

This is your ip address so you can still login to SSH.

5: On "Action" type: deny

6: Click "Save Host Access List:

You can use this tutorial on VPS or Dedicated hosting.


Best Directory Submission List

This list provides the best directories you should add your website for high page rank.

$ means that the directory is paid.

  • Yahoo! Directory $
  • Alexa Directory
  • About.com
  • ODP / DMOZ.org
  • AOL Search / NetFind
  • AboutUs WIKI
  • Chiff $
  • Joe Ant $
  • Uncover the Net $
  • Ezilon $
  • V7N $
  • Best of the Web $
  • WhatUseek Collection $
  • LII
  • AVIVA $
  • Wow Directory
  • Starting Point $
  • Clush $
  • Go Guides $
  • Skaffe $
  • Qango $
  • Site-Sift $
  • Linkopedia $
  • Excellent Guide $
  • SevenSeek - $
  • Rubber Stamped $
  • Family Friendly Sites $
  • AmericasBest $
  • Level 10s Directory $
  • Azoos $
  • Click4Choice $
  • InfoWebWorld $
  • Thunderstone
  • Information Outpost $
  • SightQuest $
  • Sporge $
  • Got That Online $
  • Dataspear $
  • Gimpsy $
  • Where2Go
  • GoTo Directory

Also you must have good web hosting provider!

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How to assign dedicated IP to subdomain

You might want to assign dedicated IP to your subdomain for some reason such as apply SSL to your subdomain.

If you are using cPanel and wish to set dedicated IP to your subdomain, you will find no else where to do that.

However, this could still be able to fix as this article.

- You have domain domain.com and subdomain blog.domain.com.
- You wish to set dedicated IP for blog.domain.com which originally and result as blog.domain.com resolve to

1. Log into SSH, go to the folder of /var/cpanel/userdata,
cd /var/cpanel/userdata
2. Select the cPanel username folder such as mickgenie.
cd /var/cpanel/userdata/mickgenie
3. You will now see the following file,

4. Open the file named blog.domain.com,
vi blog.domain.com
5. You should find the content as below,
6. Change it to detail as below,
7. Now, you have done but you will need to rebuilt the Apache,
8. Restart the Apache services,

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Ways to free up cPanel server space

Most of the time, we are advise to keep our server disk space clean. To ensure it is clean, you may follow the following step,

1) Clean yum cache file

yum clean all

2) Delete fantastico backup file

rm -rfv /home/*/fantastico_backups

3) Delete cPanel backup file

rm -rfv /home/*/backup*.tar.gz

4) Delete cPanel file manager temp file

rm -fv /home/*/tmp/Cpanel_*

5) Terminate unwanted account

To show which account is suspended:

ls /var/cpanel/suspended

Terminate them (y/n is depend on if you wish to remain the DNS or not)

/scripts/killacct user y/n



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cPanel Daily Process Log empty

Some times, you will found out your cPanel Daily Process Log appear empty and you have no idea what is happening as there do not have any error log from the WHM.

For this case, you may easily fix it by restarting the crond services. Log into the SSH, run the following command.
service crond restart

Check again if the Daily Process Log showing there or checking the crond status.
service crond status

If the above suggestion not working, you may run the following command from SSH.
/scripts/checkperlmodules –full –force

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